5 Best Baby Nail Clippers In 2020

Best Baby Nail Clippers

Young parents go through a lot of hustle and stress. From child health to cleaning, everything is a big responsibility. While being consumed with so many things; one difficulty that young parents face is looking for a best baby nail clippers. Trimming baby nails is one of the scariest tasks to do. Their nails are not only small but extremely sensitive; you are scared to hurt the baby all the time.

Amidst all the hustle and anxiety,  If you ignore their nails, babies can hurt themselves as their nails are sharp.

Many people especially young parents make a mistake, as they use adult size nail clippers for their babies. This not only hurt the baby way too much but also cut nails in an ugly way. You might cut the skin of the young one with the clipper and not realise it until the baby starts crying.

There are a lot of options to look for when looking for the best baby nail clippers, but it can rather overwhelming to choose the right product from the vast variety. But, don’t worry, we are here to assist you to choose the right tool for your precious child. We are going to breakdown important features that best nail clippers for kids should have:

  • Safety:

Kids safety should be a priority before buying nail clippers. The used material should not be harmful. The used material should be environmentally friendly and safe. There should not be any strong edges or designs which can harm the baby.

  • Durability:

The best baby nail clippers should have a good build-up quality, so it works for a rather long time. It should provide a satisfactory time guarantee to the buyer.

  • Use It Anytime:

Kids don’t like to get their nails done. So most parents do it while they are sleeping. Make sure the product you are buying has some specific features to work in low light like LED.

  • Easy To Use:

The nail clipper should not be very complicated so it is easy for the young parents to use it without anyone’s help. The best baby nail clippers should offer effortless operation. Also, some products don’t come with manual or instruction, do check that before buying.

  • Fun Designs:

As parents and toddlers, both are very anxious while nail trimming, the fun designs can reduce the anxiety of new-born and let you cut nails with more peace.

  • LED Lights:

Now many modern nail clippers or trimmers feature LED lights. These lights make it 100 times easier for parents to trim the nails of their baby. Most LED lights that come with nail clippers have 2AA batteries.

  • Compact Packaging:

Most young parents travel with their new-borns and carry all their essentials. To make your experience easier, use a product with compact and easy to carry packaging, rather than something big and fancy.

Still don’t know what to buy, don’t worry. We are here to assist you, here are our top recommendations for best nail clippers for anyone to buy, keeping in mind quality, budget and convenience.

OUR TOP 5 RECOMMENDATIONS for Best Baby Nail Clippers:

1. Bamoer Baby Nail Kit, Baby Nail Care Set

Best Baby Nail Clippers
Source: Amazon.com

Why we like this:

The most compact nail kit for kids that comes with multiple products to ease the user.


Our top choice for nail clippers is bamoer nail kit, for its ergonomic handles that gives better grip while using. This set makes it easier for parents to trim your toddler claws. One of simplest product that knows how to do its job rightly while protecting the corners of your child’s fingertips. We also recommend this kit as it is a 4-in-1 convertible kit, including non-slip handle baby nail clipper, a large hole handle scissor, a delicately rounded nail file and a rounded tip design tweezers.

With more than 200 reviews on Amazon, the products have a 4.7 positive ranking. This kit not just clean nails of your baby, but with the help of tweezers, you can safely clean their nostrils, ears and belly button. So if you want a multi-tasker, this one top the charts.


Not the kit only works smoothly; it comes with super cute packaging. The protection case is anti-dust and compact. Mother can carry the box anywhere, not worrying about missing out anything. The box weighs only 0.34lb.

The product is also washable, you can clean it after every use. As child health is the top priority, the kit is manufactured in a way that all products are washable.

The product is also an amazing gift for young parents and toddlers, as it is manufactured decently. Once, you buy this product, you don’t need to worry to buy again as it is durable.


  • Safe and durable material
  • Lightweight and washable
  • Multiple quality products
  • Safe to use
  • Super-Cute packaging


  • No LED lights
  • No magnification tool
  • The kit is made of plastic


  • Brand: Bamoer Store
  • Weight:5.6 ounces

2. Baby Nail File Electric by Pretty MiniMe

Best Baby Nail Clippers
Source: Amazon.com

Why we like this:

A modern design with safety measures makes working easier and quieter.


If you are super scared to cut the nails of your young one, this is the best baby nail clipper for you. As this product doesn’t come with a strong edges, so there is nothing to worry about. It comes with a filer that easily trims the delicate nails of a toddler.

The product comes with a side button for 360 rotation. This rotation lets you trim the nails with ease without fear of jerking your little one nails.


Although the filer is electric, its operation is quiet and smooth. You can cut nails even when they are sleeping. The electric filer also features an LED light for better performance or for a place with dim lighting.

In the packaging, there is a manual for the working of the product. You can read the manual to make it work smoothly.

The best thing about this product on Amazon is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the product is not per your demand or damaged, it is refundable.

The product is recommended by professional manufacturers and rated 5 stars by more than 80% of customers.


  • Comes with accessories included: 4 sandpaper replacement tips; storage case
  • Low sound so you can use it while a baby is sleeping
  • Power tested safe for newborns
  • 18-month replacement warranty
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • LED lights for night usage


  • No button for on/off LED lights


  • Brand:  MiniMe
  • Weight:180

3. Electric Baby Nail File: Baby Nail Trimmer for Infant and Toddler

Best Nail Clippers for Baby
Source: Amazon.com

Why we like this:

Most advanced and environmental friendly trimmer available in the market for those who want high-quality products.


If you are going on a trip with your new-born with a lot of luggage and don’t want to carry nail scissors and clippers, this one is a great choice. One of the most modern nail kit available in the market. Many trimmers or filers have had sharp edges or loud voices which are extremely irritating for young parents. This one is the quietest and gentle option to go for. Babies have super sensitive skin, any harshness or irritation stays on their skin for days. This makes new parents extremely anxious, so to avoid that experience, this one is a must-try.

This best baby nail clipper will give you ultimate peace as you don’t need to hustle anymore for baby nails. It trims the nails so easily that the baby stays calm throughout. One of the best things about these trimmers is that they are BPA free and tested and certified by CPSC.

The product comes with 4 different baby nail file pads for different age groups. So this one stays with you for a longer time.

Performance :

The filer can be set at two speeds, lower and higher, for your convenience. It has a powerful motor that works quietly. Other than that, this product can be a perfect baby shower gift.

Like the previous one, this one also has a money-back guarantee but of 60 days which is amazing. The kit can also be made by customization in plastic durable bag.

The product is reviewed by 600 people on Amazon, with more than 80% positive ranking.


  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Two filing speeds for your convenience
  • Multiple accessories
  • BPA free, environmentally-friendly material


  • Expensive


  • Brand: Cherish baby care store
  • Weight: 2.33 ounces

4. Safety 1st Light Zoom Nail Clipper

Nail Clippers for Baby
Source: Amazon.com

Why we like this:

Efficient LED lights make this product stand out among others. The magnifier glass is a total win-win in this product.


For those who want something affordable but stunning, this one is a great pick. The speciality of this clipper is that it comes with a magnifying glass which makes it 100 times safer than any other clipper. The magnifying glass is specially designed to make it easier for parents to trim nails.

The product also comes with LED lights, to make it usable in the night time. With the LED light and magnifying glass, you can trim your little one nails at any time and any place without fearing to hurt them. Most children hate to get their nails done, so parents try to cut them in the night time. If you are one of those parents, this one is a top-rated for you.


There is no on/off switch button for the lights, they automatically switch on when the handle of the clipper is upward.

If you don’t like to use the magnifier, you can easily remove it as well. The product is made from durable material which will last years. Overall this is a great product to buy.

This clipper is top-rated on Amazon and reviewed by more than 400 people with more than 90% positive ranking.


  • Easy-grip
  • LED lights to use-in low lighting
  • Magnifying glass to zoom in
  • Mini Emery board
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Automatic On/Off for LED lights


  • Brand: Safety 1st
  • Weight: 3.99 ounces

5. Summer Nail Clipper Set

best baby nail clippers
Source: Amazon.com

Why we like this:

One of the most affordable and easy to use product available.


One of the most famous and traditional clippers set available in the market, used by hundreds of people. This clipper set is famous for its price and quality. It’s the cheapest option but not in terms of quality. The product comes with two sized clippers, so not only toddlers but elders can use it as well.

With the rounded tip, clippers are safe to use. They are manufactured especially for babies and their safety. Young parents who don’t want to spend too much and want a safety product can use this one.

These nail clippers are easy and safe to use. From newborns to toddlers, this can work for a couple of years.


The standard nail clipper handle rotates 360 degrees for added control. To make the clipper comfortable to hold, there are soft over-mould. These moulds let the user grip handle strongly. The handle is designed in such a way that even if you hold it for hours, you won’t feel discomfort.

Go for this best baby nail clipper as it is simple, sweet and affordable. The product doesn’t consist of any fancy features, so there is no interruption in the working.


  • Two nail clippers: adult and adult size
  • Newborn nail clipper has a rounded tip
  • An adult nail clipper is standard size, the handle rotates 360 degrees for more control
  • Handles have soft over-mould for comfort, helping to maintain a steady grip


  • Not a modern design


  • Brand: Summer Infant
  • Weight: 0.002 ounces


Cherish baby care gets our vote as the best baby nail clippers. We like it as it is simple and not complicated to use. This one is a great investment to make which you can use for years without concern.

The LED lights and a powerful motor, a user gets a unique and modern experience. The silent operation of these nail trimmers helps you trim their nails anytime without discomforting the baby. For the money, it’s hard to beat this clipper.

All the products mentioned above are top-rated and recommended by professionals. We have gone through hours of research for you to find perfect product keeping in mind quality, safety and budget.

As you attempt to comprehend this skill of cutting a newborn’s fingernails, recall not to overthrow yourself too much if you accidentally hurt the skin. It’s a toughduty and in a day or two, your newborn will be just fine! We hope you find the best baby nail clippers for your newborn.